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CLICK ON THUMBNAIL SIZE to reach each image you want to see as you read ACROSS >>> each row. Please don't just *glance* at images; study them for familiar forms before you arouse an opinion. See if you can detect any FACTS from each image that you can take with you.

Beautiful.We have 63 images to share with you tonight, beginning with Google Moon. This first shot is simply a Google Moon View, sharpened up. First off, please note that the Moon is TRANSLUCENT, with light coming from the inside also.

Next,we have Dan's closeup of the front face, which we see oriented differently, depending on whether we're in the northern or southern hemisphere. This image = NORTH IS UP.

The reasonfor its appearance to flip is that the Moon is very close to the Earth, 64K miles. The scale of Moon features does not support NASA's 2100 mi diameter and 226,000mi distance. I figure NASA really knows better; they just don't tell us the real deal.

In general,the Moon is oriented with the north pole UP from our northern hemisphere, but when you're looking at it from the south pole, the south pole appears to UP from there; so it's 180 different depending on your location; there are also differences in SIZE relative to the sun, based on location as you can see in this image.

Changes to surface details began to show up after NASA sent a rocket crashing into the Moon's South Pole Cabeus Crater. In this series, our first Moon South Pole image shows human figures. It's occupied.

Next, the Lunar Orbiter determined the site for NASA's test: a emptied rocket aimed into the Moon, ostensibly to check for the presence of water.

"Cabeus" the specific "crater" involved is near the south pole Jail building. I've examined that area very closely.

Up close what you can see is a double entry and a walkway, any Anthropologist could identify on first sight just by layout.

And so, despite the presence of occupants, on Oct 9, 2009, NASA rammed that area. They said they were looking for water. They already know water at the south pole is IFFY. That is when change began.

Then, by 2011 people began putting up videos questioning what is happening; but no replies came forth.

I was convinced the Moon had burned up; it was the WRONG COLOR, vibrant oranges & yellow instead of its usual grey appearance.

It had the wrong details. Given that I used false color to crisp up some Contrast, the shape and the way the area is laid out is just very different from our Moon.

And for the first time, the Moon looked as if it were about the size of an ocean skiff with people appearing to stand up in such a boat. I didn't know what to make of this. Would you? Is somebody having fun with us, making stuff up?

And I believe these changes occurred in response to the presence of Nibiru. In the upper view taken a couple of years ago, the sun was of a certain size.

But-- Now Sept 10 2012, the sun with Nibiru flitting about is --huge--. But no astronomer is accounting for this! They're silent.

SOURCE: Frankie33888@Youtube home telescopic video [at 10:09] displays a Gathering 3/7/12 on the false Moon, multi-racial and multi-cultural.

SOURCE: Frankie33888@Youtube home telescopic video [at 00:36] displays a Gathering 4/4/12 on the false Moon, multi-racial and multi-cultural hominids walking around. Enormous disparities in size.

SOURCE: Frankie33888@Youtube home telescopic video [at 01:05 & 01:41] shows unusual and colorful festivities. Bill Bryson's videos corroborate the fact that COLORS are now vivid on this Moon.

"Supermoon" images beginning in May 2012 got very strange. Especially, the Raleigh NC "moon" looked more like the Nibiru Moon, in the next photo.

Here is an assortment of Supermoon images at the time; but I didn't know what I was looking at. It was very confusing. What I did realize was that the NASA-reported METALLIC NIBIRU MOON RESEMBLED most of the Supermoons reported and shown in search engines.

In London, Supermoon Vegastar didn't help at all. It was huge but unintelligible.

And then things went over the top when I saw the ISS Moon Image that May and I realized something out whack is going on with our Moon, and they're just not telling us, that's all. It's SECRET!

So I went to work unskewing, rescaling, re-coloring and bringing up Contrast so I could see something in this bean-shaped, upside-down, two-tone blue--what?--MOON?

May 20, two weeks later, there was a "solar eclipse" and of course I checked with all four West Coast observatories, but they all boycotted it. That was fishy. And then there were two problems: the Moon was the wrong size at and again, it was wrong shape with wrong details. How wrong can it GET?

Just for grins, I copped off with this eclipse image, and I brought up the contrast in the occulting "Moon." It was the FAKE Moon again.

Around here in California, this eclipse left crescent-shaped shadows on everything its light touched.

Moreover, this image from Asia shows the same thing: the occulting Moon is NOT "our" Moon.

But when that same same FALSE MOON turned up on June 5th called "the Venus Transit," that was just too much. It no more looked like VENUS than a rosehip does. So my confusion was total at that point.

I began to find images showing LUNAR EFFECTS very different from what we have known on our old familiar Moon, details of waste and ruin I had never seen before. It looked as if someone had bulldozed it! Look at this image of our Moon; it looks terrible!

If you compare DieNet's Moon photo with a pre-2009 Moon, you wonder, what the hell happened?

Here are more examples of a wrecked Moon. BUT MAYBE THIS EXPLAINS WHY THE FALSE MOON IS UP THERE.

The Blue Moon of August 1 & 31 was supposed to be a big deal; so why were so few photo images taken of it? 80-90% of the search images were pre-2009 moon retread photos. I searched; a few emerged.

Source: Christian Science Monitor

Source: The Tarot Reader,

Source: Casper Friend, Facebook.


Source: Anonymous, published with an extremely heavy BLUE HUE; but oh how it sparkles now. This has to be the false moon also.

And it's easy to recognize the patterns of this false METALLIC Moon whenever (during the full moon phase) it pops up, probably at least five days out of the 29-day lunar cycle, if not during the entire cycle. There's gotta be a reason.

What's it for, you ask? I'll tell you what I think. We're not supposed to know that the Moon is occupied with people like ourselves. So, during its RECONSTRUCTION it's just being blocked from our view. In the lefthand view, a new image the source of which I could not track, there are hirise buildings where the old Admin section used to be. And the whole southern hemisphere is no longer canopied over with a hard translucent crust. It's open now; it's going to be a New Moon, a REAL new Moon.

You may also wish to take a look at my re-renderings of Bill Bryson's work from THIS LINK .

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